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Resume Testimonials

Isabella Brown

Hired By Google

Recommended, very satisfy with resume writers writing skills.

Mario Turner

Hired By Tesla

I had applied many times since graduating with no success, but the expertise that Resume Writers shared pushed my chances even higher and I quickly bagged a great, high paying job!

Clint Pearson

Hired By Unilever

Had a great experience with resumewriter.us. On-time delivery and I finally got a phone call for an interview.

Charlotte Knope

Hired By Dell

Due to a shortage of time, I was not able to rewrite my resume. As I wanted to switch my job then I must say I am really inspired by the way they draft my resume I got hired for a job.

James Lloyd

Hired By Apple

So professional and up to mark, whole team was too cooperative and engaged in my resume writing process. Its not easy to hire someone online, without trust, but this one truly deserves my trust!

Marylin Jonas

Hired By Mastercard

Incredibly helpful resume making service I found online, their process is 100% simple & digital. No hefty visits, just got it done in couple of hours, all before my interview!

CV Testimonials

Sarah Cooper

Hired by Victoria Secrets
I would say that not many online services would listen to your constant advice or instructions for a CV as much as they do so you get what you want. Just perfect!

James Fulton

Hired by DHL
Ordered their rush delivery service and without any doubt, they provided me with high-quality service. They know how to provide quality within a short amount of time and will listen to your instructions.

Jenna Jameson

Hired by Journelle
Absolutely amazing service. I couldn’t have asked for better value at such affordable prices

Ryan Schacter

Hired by EA
One of the best options if you want quality with affordable packages. I am so happy with their CV services. Their feedback about old CVs is awesome as they let you know what you’re missing on it.

Celeste Hanson

Hired by UPS
Quick and smooth delivery of the CV services that I asked for. Quality work that I always wanted and it comes with a low price tag which was cheap for me.

Marilyn Chambers

Hired by IBM
Amazed! I couldn’t compliment them enough for their cv services that looks very fitting to the current job market needs.

Cover Letter Testimonials

Bethany Olson

Hired by Verizon
I am amazingly satisfied with their cover letter services. I got the cover letters within 24 hours, it was light speed to be honest, can recommend this to any job seeker.

Wayne Goodstein

Hired by Ford Motors
I got it done in here in almost the half prices from else where, and the value to the cost was impeccable, worth sharing and applaudable!

Danny Clayton

Hired by Citi Bank
I was not sure how cover letter would benefit me, even after taking service, I was confused, until I started getting interview calls every day I applied, my cover letter brought me on top of the desk of recruiters, thanks for the help!

Natasha Ch.

Hired by Intel
So responsive and helpful throughout the process, I asked them for a dozen of revisions, but they never asked for a single penny extra.. My 100% word for these guys!

Spencer Kohl

Hired by Amazon
I almost got overwhelmed with the interview invites over my phone, email and LinkedIn, all because when I started to send my resume with the cover letter they provided!

Heidi Watson

Hired by Allstate
I had hired couple of cover letter writers earlier, but never got the results. The cover letter these guys made, was unbeatable, as it was much enhanced and better than before! I couldn’t see myself that professional like I was in my cover letter!

LinkedIn Testimonials

Sue Chang

I am amazed by their LinkedIn profile-building price is affordable. I am very much satisfied with their services. The turnaround time they have provided was rapid. I recommend their strong profile-building services as they helped me secure my dream job.

Wayne Farmer

Marvelous and satisfying services. My writer not only communicates with me but he has edited my LinkedIn profile in a proper manner as I wanted. Within the minimum time, I got approached by the recruiter for an interview. Satisfying services.

Clayton Olson

I was confused about whether to invest with Resume Writer or not but my LinkedIn profile needs serious attention. It was just a week since they set up my professional LinkedIn profile and I got a call for a job for the desired position I always wanted. I recommend their services.

Jessica Brown

Quick, responsive, and affordable resume writing and Linkedin profile-building services. One can easily vouch for them, and so do I.

Spencer Barton

I liked the way they covered services including Linkedin profile optimization, not just the resume rewriting, but complete designing as well. They also offered me their discounted packages. So much value in just one single payment!

Heidi Watson

Such affordable resume makers nearby coupled with optimized Linkedin profile makers! Could not describe my amazement once I got the call for an interview after being ghosted for a year. Thanks, Resume Writers, you are wonderful!